ARTRA LAB Leica L39 Screw Mount to Leica M Mount Adaptor (Suitable for 28mm, 90mm Lenses ) [Full Copper]

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(Compatible with 28mm, 90mm lenses)

L39-LM 28 90 High-precision pure copper chrome-plated adapter ring LEICA Leica LM39 screw lens to M-mount Scope of application: Lens - 28mm and 90mm focal length LEICA LM39mm caliber screw lens including Canon Canon, Nikon, Nikon, Nikon, Russia and other subsidiary factories produced L39 lens (Note: Lenses with different focal lengths must be matched with the corresponding adapter ring, so that the corresponding baseline will appear in the framing frame (except for digital LCD framing), so buyers and friends must be sure to figure out their own lenses before purchasing focal length, select the corresponding adapter) Camera — LEICA M-mount camera, Voigtlander, Minolta, Konica and other sub-brand M-mount cameras, Ricoh M-mount digital mirrorless functions: 1. Metering M and A files (A 2. Focus on the manual focus ring: 1. Rotate the rear buttocks of the lens clockwise against the ring until it cannot be rotated. 2. Point the red dot on the rear of the lens ring to the camera body Card the lipstick dots, turn clockwise until you hear a Click sound.