About us

"ARTRA LAB "Art Random Adventure" was founded in 2018 by a group of passionate photographers, architects, fashion designers and product designers in Hong Kong. We are determined to create products that are suitable for photography enthusiasts. And never stopped our belief in venturing into lenses and peripheral products other than cameras, combining optical technology with our original passion for photography, and continue to bring more quality crafts to photography lovers.

We take pride in producing classical designed product, quality products with superior quality, craftsmanship and unique industrial design. As we observe the needs of the market, we realise that the demand for quality is increasing. With uncompromising artisanship and craftsmanship as well as personalised design, we strive to provide our customers with the best possible experience in every detail. We endeavour to provide everyone with the creativity and freedom to express themselves naturally in their photography. We sincerely look forward to being your first choice and creating the beauty of photography with you. Let us accompany you to capture every moment of your life and show your unique perspective and creativity. With ARTRA, photography will be seamlessly integrated into your life, lighting up your inspiration and passion, allowing you to regain focus on experiencing the elegance of creation.