"Comfort" ROPE NECK STRAP (Red)

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Introducing our new mobile phone strap with Peak Design Anchor Link! This innovative product combines the convenience of a phone strap with the versatility of Peak Design's award-winning Anchor Link system.

The strap is made from durable and comfortable nylon webbing, and is adjustable to fit any wrist size. The Anchor Link system allows you to quickly and securely attach and detach the strap to your phone, using a small anchor disk that adheres to the back of your phone case. This means you can easily switch between using your phone with or without the strap, or even attach it to other Peak Design products like camera straps or bags.

The mobile phone strap with Peak Design Anchor Link is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their phone easily accessible while on the go, without having to worry about dropping it or fumbling with a bulky case. It's also great for photographers or videographers who want to use their phone as a camera, as the strap provides a secure grip and frees up your hands for shooting.

So why wait? Order your mobile phone strap with Peak Design Anchor Link today and experience the ultimate in convenience and versatility for your mobile device!