ARTRA LAB ARTOLUMEN 60mm F2.8 2X Macro (Full Frame)

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Supports full-frame lenses

Lens mount: Canon R, Nikon Z, Sony E, Fuji FX, Micro 43

Lens type: Manual lens

  • 7 groups of 10 lenses
  • 2 ultra-low dispersion ED lenses
  • 3 HOYA lenses
  • 5 high refractive index lenses

Our exceptional 60mm F2.8 2X Macro manual focus lens, crafted to bring the tiny wonders of the world into focus with astonishing detail. This macro lens offers a 2X magnification ratio, enabling you to explore intricate textures, delicate patterns, and exquisite beauty in subjects as small as a dewdrop.


  • The standard 60mm focal length makes it suitable not only for macro photography but also for portraits, street photography and landscapes.
  • The 7 groups of 10 lenses include 2 ultra-low dispersion ED lenses, 3 HOYA lenses and 5 high refractive index lenses.
  • 3 HOYA lenses and 5 high refractive index lenses for a clearer and more transparent image.
  • The light stop has been upgraded to F2.8-F22, giving you an additional option for photography.
  • The closest focusing distance is approximately 0.185m, and the closest working distance is 5cm for more detail.
  • You can see the textures and colours of flowers more clearly, making your photos more vivid and three-dimensional and allowing you to capture smaller details and framing circles.
  • Conventional macro lenses only have a magnification of 1x and can only show
  • It is difficult to integrate into the microscopic world of vision. A 2x magnification, however, can be used to capture small details and details that are difficult to see with the naked eye.
  • Can be used to visualise subjects that are difficult to see with the naked eye.
  • The 2X magnification allows you to visualise objects that are difficult to see with the naked eye. 


Lens model

ARTOLUMEN 60mm f2.8 2X Macro  (Full Frame)

Lens focal length

60 mm










Farthest focus

Closest focus


Filming angle

25.3 ° 

Optical structure

groups of 10 tablets

Lens coating

Low Reflective Multilayer Coating

Lens type

Pure manual


Full Frame



Lens material

Full metal

Lens mount

M4/3, E, FX, R , Z


89mm x 117mm 


Around 600g